About me

About me, how to begin?  I believe the easiest description would be a woman (40 something) who had lost her inner goddess; someone who had spent years heavily invested in a relationship; someone whose work/life balance had become almost non-existent; someone who had forgotten who she is and what she is capable of.

My marriage has ended and a new life is being created, carved out of space left by the void that was once filled with the entity known as ‘us’Right now I am relaxing and letting go.  I had been mourning my old life and what had been; future plans that will not come to fruition; witnessing the destruction of achievements; and  the unravelling of entwined threads of ‘us’ becoming a singular ‘I’.

Some of life’s lessons can be gruelling and my ability to bounce back has been tested.  I know my journey of self-discovery will involve two steps forward and one step back but I am determined to reacquaint myself with me!

My name is Ingrid.

How hard it is