Blogging – The urge to write something


Blogging - A Personal Diary being shared with the World!
Blogging – A Personal Diary being shared with the World!

Ouch, harsh!!  What an introduction.  I would have thought the urban dictionary would be describing Facebook or Instagram in those terms.  Anyway, I’ve come to the realisation that my blogging skills are a lot like my other pursuits such as art, gardening and cooking.  I have to be in the mood to do them.  I go through a flurry of activity doing something and then the urge just dissipates.   I have so many projects on the go and then I start a new one and then I lose interest and turn on the TV and get adsorbed with Dean and Sam Winchester in Supernatural.  If that really so bad!

A Fan of Supernatural
A Fan of Supernatural

I have had the urge to write today after being bolstered by recent comments received on some of my blogs.  Whilst writing is for Me and it is My Journey it is encouraging that some people are stumbling upon my stories and it gives me the nudge to keep on going.  I have many unpublished blogs that I have felt better for putting pen to paper as it were but they are not to be shared – Karma tells me not to pursue that avenue.

I found a pin that made me laugh.  It sums up blogging perfectly……….

Funny Minion - Blogging. Sums it up nicely
Funny Minion – Blogging. Sums it up nicely

At this early stage of my blogging attempts I even get excited when I get spam!  Any activity on my site means something.  Some of the encouraging comments give me a warm glow and validate that I can do this, that I can keep going and that life is getting better.  It does serve as a diary and I can see how far I have progressed from those very dark days.

Back to my cooking comment I have replaced the traditional Sunday night chore with a spice night.  It is to be a dedication to India in preparation for my Food Tour of India later in the year.  Yes, I have done it!  I have booked my adventure and am counting down the months until I go.  I want my life to be full of spice.  I am feeling like I am now spreading out with my old wings that I have rediscovered and it is feeling great.  The cooking affair does of course involve a glass of wine or to be honest more like a bottle.  Sometimes the act of cooking is enough as I often don’t feel like eating at the end of it but it gives me a supply to get me through the start of another working week…….


2 thoughts on “Blogging – The urge to write something”

  1. When you perfect chicken tikka marsala please bring leftovers for lunch and allow your coffee mates to judge:-)
    Great blog

    1. What about the vino?
      Time to write something else cause I’m not inspired to cook this weekend. I think I’ll write about love next…..haa haa, not what you will expect.

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