Love - a noun or a confusing
Love – a noun or a verb… confusing

I had to google this one when trying to work out if ‘love’ was a noun or a verb and discovered an interesting and rather beautiful site

I am going to use the verb, the act of loving.  Now your thoughts are as to whether it’s a person or an object.  Surprise – it’s an object and perhaps one of the best ‘hacks’ out there.  I have fallen in love with a Ryobi cordless garden blower. Don’t just leave it for the outside chores.

I used it inside!  It’s the easiest way to do skirts and sliding door tracks not to mention the floors and cornices!  Open all the doors and windows and round up those dust bunnies.


There you have it.  Forget the Ikea Hacks and Kmart Hacks, we can now have Hardware Hacks thanks to Bunnings.  It has changed my Saturday mornings.  My neighbours are probably thinking crazy lady next door!  At least I’m not a crazy cat lady just yet.

Now for other matters of love, yes, the noun.   No, I’m not ready to ‘date’.  In fact, I’m a little frightened of the thought of being intimate with anyone even though the thought of that first kiss does present a feeling of excitement.  I am too romantic for my own good but why not!  Surely it will happen one day and I’m in no rush.   I love my own space.  I love doing whatever pleases me.  I love not having to consult with anyone.  I love buying anything I like or need because well, I deserve it!!

To be honest, someone recently peeked my interest. I dappled, I dip my big toe in, threw my hat into the arena but It was a disaster and I got my ego severely deflated by rejection.  Well, my first foray into a new world had to begin somewhere.  Its been a very long time since I have been attracted to anyone besides my ex-husband.  Guess I’ve got to brush up on my flirting skills or invest in some botox,  haahaa, well I’ll try anything that might arm me with some more confidence before venturing out beyond my safe little world.

One step at a time……………at least I’m getting good at housework in the meantime.

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